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Rainbow Six Siege – Terrorist Hunt, Communicate, Know Your Operators

by Bryan Dawson

Rainbow Six Siege is all about online multiplayer matches, but the Terrorist Hunt mode (also known as TerroHunt) offers a different side of the multiplayer action, and even allows players to go at it solo if they’re not feeling the warmth of others or simply don’t have an online connection available. We’re got a few useful tips that should help you make the most of the TerroHunt mode whether you’re playing alone or with others.

Terrorist Hunt features the classic hostile elimination mode, along with a Disarm Bomb situation and a Protect Hostage scenario. Disarm Bomb focuses on players using team work to disarm bombs in multiple locations, while Protect Hostage is exactly like it sounds. You must protect a hostage while AI enemies attempt to kill the target.

Communicate to Win

When you’re playing online with others, communication is the key to success. This advice is especially important in TerroHunt so that you can call out the location of enemies, traps, the bomb and various other items of importance. It’s always a handicap to go into a match with one or more members lacking a mic, so don’t be that person and make sure you’ve got a mic when you’re playing online.

Play to the Strengths of the Role

Much like a ranked match of League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm, there can only be one of each operator in any given match. That means if you only have Bandit unlocked and another member of your team picks Bandit, you’ll be forced to play as a Recruit instead. It’s a good idea to unlock operators as quickly as you can and familiarize yourself with each one so that you’re not only flexible when selecting operators, but you also know how to complement your teammates.

Bandit is a good example because he has the ability to electrify barbed wire and other metal equipment. If you’re playing as Bandit you can bring your own gear along, but your team mates can also ensure that they have equipment you can electrify. That not only makes Bandit more useful, it helps the team work together better and hopefully win the match.

We’ve put together the details of every operator in the game so you don’t have to figure out what each one does. Take a look at the links below to get a general understanding of each operator and what they can do.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Playing against the enemy AI you’re going to find patterns in their play style. TerroHunt in Rainbow Six Siege is no different. You’ll find that the enemy AI loves to set traps in the form of barbed wire and nitro cells (C4). If you’re looking to score as many points as possible, take out the barbed wire with three melee attacks. Keep in mind this will slow you down and you’re open to attack if you focus too much on the barbed wire, but in most cases you should be able to clear the barbed wire without being in danger.

Nitro cells can be planted anywhere and are visualized by a faint red glow on top of each explosive. Two of these can take out a teammate with ease so it’s important to shoot them from a distance and clear them away or at least inform your teammates of their location so they know to avoid the area or take them out.

If one of your teammates has selected IQ, they can detect nearby electronics making it easier to spot nitro cells. Unfortunately you may also come across suicide bombers that IQ may not have time to detect. These are enemies with bombs strapped to their body that run toward you and explode as soon as they’re close enough. Take these enemies out as soon as you spot them or you may go up in flames with them.

Stay Together

It’s always a good idea to at least travel in pairs when playing TerroHunt mode. There are multiple advantages to moving around together and it almost always makes your position stronger. If you enter a room together with another player, you can scout in opposite directions to ensure you spot any potential hostiles as quickly as possible. In addition, if one of you goes down, the other should be close enough to revive them. Just be careful not to tag your teammates with friendly fire.

If you’ve got Blitz or another riot shield operator on your team, you almost always want them going in first. They have a shield for a reason and that’s to suppress enemy fire while you move in directly behind to clear away the opposition. There’s really no reason to leave a riot shield operator alone, so make sure there’s at least one teammate with each riot shield operator.

Stay Cautious

Rainbow Six Siege is not your typical fast-paced FPS. If you’re coming from Call of Duty or one of the other twitch shooters, you may find Siege a bit more difficult to play. First off, you don’t get to respawn, which means that playing recklessly will just leave your team down a man. Move slowly and carefully through and area and remember that as soon as you open fire, chances are the enemy AI knows your location and will close in quickly.

Many of the weaponry in Siege has a decent amount of recoil by default. You can add attachments that will suppress this, but at first you should pulse the trigger when firing automatic weapons to reduce the recoil as much as possible. It’s also important to utilize your operator gadgets as much as you can to gain an advantage over the opposing team.

If you’re still wondering which operator to use, check out our article on best operators, or head over to our Rainbow Six Siege game hub for more useful tips and advice!

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