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Rainbow Six Siege – How to Win in Hostage Mode

by Bryan Dawson

Of the three different multiplayer modes in Rainbow Six Siege, Hostage seems to be the most popular. We’ve covered Bomb and Secure Area in the past, but now it’s time to delve into the Hostage mode to provide you with some useful tips and advice so you can get a leg up on the competition. As with most of the other gameplay modes, there’s a preparation round followed by an action round for both the attacking offensive team and defending team.

While Bomb mode has two sites that you need to manage, Hostage only has a single hostage that’s held in one of the many rooms in whichever map you’re playing on. You might think this makes it easier, but the big concern with Hostage mode is that you can’t kill the hostage. If either team kills the hostage they instantly lose that round. To win the round you need to either eliminate the opposing team, prevent them from rescuing the hostage (if you’re the defending team) or get the hostage out of the building (if you’re the attacking team).

Offensive Tips (Attacking Team)

As with all of the other modes of play, take your drones in the preparation mode and split up to find the hostage as quickly as possible. While you’re primary goal should be the location of the hostage, make note of enemy player locations and either try to mark them just before the preparation phase ends, or place your drone in an advantageous position (preferably out of sight) so you can use the camera for surveillance once the action round begins. It’s important not to mark enemies until very late in the preparation phase so you don’t draw unnecessary attention to your drove.

Once the action phase begins, if you haven’t yet located the hostage, that should be your primary objective. While plenty of Hostage mode games end with one team taking out all of the members of the opposing team, that actually makes it easier to take the hostage. Don’t be surprised to find the defending team more focused on killing your team than protecting the hostage. It’s not uncommon for the attacking team to be able to sneak one person into the hostage room, take the target and get outside to win the round. It probably won’t work more than once per match, but you might be surprised how often this tactic is successful.

Keep in mind, whoever grabs the hostage will only be able to use a pistol to protect them. If this is your primary strategy, you may want to have at least one other teammate escorting you to the extraction point outside. However, a useful tip is to grab the hostage is time is running out. Once you have the hostage in-hand time will not expire until you’re killed, the hostage dies or you let go of the hostage.

If you’re upstairs you can’t just jump off the building, but you can hold the hostage outside a window (on a balcony) and wait for the opposing team to come after you. This is especially effective if you’re the only member left alive on your team. Just make sure you move to the side so you’re not clearly visible out the window.

Defensive Tips (Defending Team)

As the defending team your first order of business is to setup a defensive perimeter with reinforced walls and various traps and gadgets to defend your position. Make sure the hostage room is well-guarded so the opposing team doesn’t slip the hostage past you, but your focus should be on taking down the opposing team as that’s usually easier than simply defending the hostage.

It’s very important to remember that if anyone on the defending team kills the hostage, you lose the round. If the attacking team has the hostage in-hand you can’t simply spray gunfire in their general direction or drop a Nitro Cell (C4) at their feet. The safety of the hostage is paramount in all situations.

While it’s important to protect the hostage, you can use this to your advantage. If the offensive team kills the hostage, the defenders win the round. You can position yourself right next to the hostage so the hostage sits between you and the attackers and this makes it very difficult for the attacking team to take you down. If they use any kind of explosives or toxic gas there’s a high probability the hostage will die and they’ll lose the round. This tactic generally works best if there’s only one person remaining on the defending team and you’re outnumbered, but it can work even with all players are alive and well.

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