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Rainbow Six Siege – Earn More Renown

by Prima Games Staff

In Rainbow Six Siege, players level up with XP. Additionally they unlock and upgrade different Operator classes using Renown, a currency of sorts earned from doing all sorts of things in the game. This feature will tell you how to get more Renown and take advantage of the various rewards. 

After unlocking an Operator, the Renown price for another Operator in the same CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) goes up by 500 per character unlock.  Since the prices for Operators, skins and weapons continues to get more expensive, it is essential to put Renown into your virtual bank account at a steady pace. To see which activities provide Renown, look for a yellow dog tag and the value of the reward.

With that out of the way, use these tips to earn more Renown in Rainbow Six Siege.

Watch the Tutorials 

While the thought of watching instructional videos may sound unappealing at first, you’ll receive Renown for viewing them. Even better, you don’t have to watch until the end. That said, we strongly suggest checking them out to learn about breaching walls and using Barricades, among other important features in the game. 

Begin watching a video, then press Circle on PS4 and B on Xbox One to exit. Rainbow Six Siege will ask if you want to quit playback and you can answer Yes. You’ll earn 200 Renown per video, and viewing them all tacks on another 200.  Within minutes you’ll quickly have 800.

Beat Situation Objectives 

Although Ubisoft advertises Rainbow Six Siege as a multiplayer dominated experience, the game comes with a single player mode called Situations. This includes different training exercises guaranteed to sharpen your tactical skills and prepare you for multiplayer. You earn Renown for finishing each Situation, and you can score even more by beating the secondary objectives.

Each Situation comes with three objectives for you to complete, optional of course. These vary per Situation, from killing bad guys with headshots to preventing enemies from coming in contact with a bomb defuser. Successfully complete an objective and you receive a star on the Situation List, along with Renown. 

Keep in mind Ubisoft broke Situations down with the following difficulties: Normal, Hard and Realistic. Go for the tougher difficulty to score more XP and Renown. On top of that, come back every day for new Daily Challenges, and don’t be afraid to up the difficulty. Succeed and you’ll have more Renown than the average player. 

Set Multiplayer Goals 

Rainbow Six Siege comes with three multiplayer modes: Hostage, Secure Area and Bomb. Ideally you want to finish ranked matches to get XP and Renown. Furthermore, setting goals per match will yield better rewards. Defuse a bomb, revive teammates, kill enemies with headshots and get assists to increase your XP and Renown. The better teammate and player you are, the more rewards you’ll receive. 

Purchase Different Boosters 

If you decide to spend real-world cash on Rainbow Six Siege (after buying the game), micro transactions speed up the unlock process. Head to the Store and acquire R6 credits, then pick up in-game items. Boosters live up to their name by “boosting” the amount of Renown earned for a brief period of time. These prove useful if you make a habit of accomplishing those multiplayer goals we talked about.

You should also consider buying the Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass because it comes with incentives like a permanent five percent Renown Boost. You also get five Daily Challenges to beat instead of the standard three. Yes, we’re telling you to open your wallet, but if you plan to invest a lot of time in this game, it’s a decent option. 

For more tips, visit our free Rainbow Six Siege Walkthrough and Guide.

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