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Rainbow Six Siege – Best Operators, Rook, Doc, Fuze, Thermite

by Bryan Dawson

There are 20 total operators in Rainbow Six Siege. You have to spend points to unlock each one, but once you have them all it can be a tough choice to determine which one fits your play style the best. It can even be tough to determine what order to unlock them in, so we took it upon ourselves to denote our two favorite attacking operators and our two favorite defending operators. You may not agree depending on your play style, but hopefully at least one of these operators will appear on your team.

Between the five different anti-terrorism organizations across the world, the 20 operators each bring a unique ability to the table. Knowing how and when to use these abilities are the key to mastering each play style. If you’re not using your selected operator’s unique abilities, you should probably look into picking a different operator.

Best Attack Operators (Offense)

When you’re on offense you want speed and armor. While it’s difficult to find both in a single operator, you can find operators that are average in speed and armor. Once again it’s going to come down to your personal play style to determine which operator is best for you when attacking. However, it’s best to have at least three or four operators to choose from just in case someone else on your team selected the operator you want to use.

Fuze – Spetsnaz

Fuze is not a fast operator but he has some of the best armor around. His job is to clear a room once you have located the enemy. This works best at the beginning of the round if you can spot you enemies with drones just before the preparation phase ends, or with drones during the action phase. Once you know where the enemy is located, Fuze can use his APM-6 Matryoshka to punch a hole in a surface and immediately fire cluster charges into the room, almost assuredly killing any operators inside.

The trick with Fuze is that he can only use his unique ability twice in a round. If you waste it on an empty room then he’s no good to you. It’s virtually a requirement to know where the enemy is before Fuze moves in to clear a room. He’s also slow so he won’t be able to get around well to find enemies. You’re relying on your own personal drone or your teammates to tell you where to place your cluster charge magic.

Thermite – FBI

Reinforced walls can be a pain to get through in Rainbow Six Siege. For this reason it’s almost imperative to have Thermite on your team. He has the ability to use Brimstone BC-3 which will breach reinforced walls, allowing you into the room. While at first you may not see many teams completing reinforcing an entire room, it’s bound to happen eventually, and when it does you will need Thermite create an entry point for you. You can also load Brimstone into a frag grenade or breach charges to get creative with how you breach rooms.

Best Defensive Operators (Defense)

Armor is a big advantage when you’re playing defense, but it’s not the only thing that matters. As with any operator, your unique ability is what makes your valuable. Having as much armor as possible is important, and certainly more important than speed when it comes to defense, but it’s the unique ability that makes the difference.

Rook – GIGN

We’ve already discussed how important armor is on defense, so it was an obvious choice to pick Rook as one of our favorites. He has heavy armor, but more importantly he can dispense armor to the entire team. During the preparation phase lay down your armor and make sure everyone picks it up to give your team an extra advantage in fire fights. Rook also uses the MP5 as his primary weapon, which is one of the preferred weapons in the game. He’s an all-around top operator and you should always have one on your team when playing defense.

Doc – GIGN

Armor is important, but in Siege if you die you’re out. Luckily if don’t take a fatal wound to the head there’s a chance you can survive in a down but not out state. During this time a teammate can revive you giving you half the health you started with. Doc takes that to the next level by using a stim pistol which allows him to revive players from a distance and even treat himself should he go down. Combine this with Rook and you have a team that is difficult to bring down.

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