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Rage 2: How to Unlock New Abilities

by John Cooper

Rage 2 has you playing as Walker, a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world where chaos rules and so does the color pink. Early on in the story, you come into possession of a high-tech Ranger suit that gives you superhuman abilities and resistance. While it does a good job you’ll quickly start to wonder how to unlock new abilities. Well, it turns out that you just have to be ready to explore the vibrant and dangerous world around you.

The Ranger suit allows you access to amazing technology that is squirrelled away inside of things called Arks. These Arks have pretty much everything you need to give yourself a power boost, whether that’s in the form of new weapons or new abilities. Just waltz up to them and use your focus to have them unlock and welcome you inside.

While these Arks hold many little things to collect, the main thing you are looking for is the injector dead ahead of you as you enter. Here there is a whole for you to stick your arm in, do just that and the Ark will reward you with some brand-new tech for your suit. The first time this happens is just after the opening mission and it gives you access to the Dash ability.

To unlock more of these amazing abilities just make sure to visit the other Arks around the world to get the powers they hold inside. Two of the first ones on your way to your first main mission will have an enhanced melee attack and even a double jump. Make sure to go off the beaten path occasionally in order to find these incredible skills.  

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