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Rage 2: How to Unlock Fast Travel

by John Cooper

The wasteland in Rage 2 is a vast and sprawling place, the roads weave in and out of each other and the regions are huge. Having to try and navigate them for the hundredth time could easily get old if you don’t at least have the option to fast travel. Thankfully, we can show you how to unlock fast travel to make getting around a little bit less stressful and time-consuming. 

Unfortunately, the fast travel system in Rage 2 is a little underwhelming. There are only three points that you can go to and they’re all kind of close to each other given the size of the map. The three places are Gunbarrel, Wellspring, and Lagooney. Each of these is one of the key locations in the story of Rage 2 and each also houses a plethora of vendors. Once you’ve reached them you simply have to select them in the map screen to warp to them. 

While these are useful points to be able to travel to it is a shame that there aren’t more dotted about the map. Once you’ve explored an area it is rare that you’ll want to spend time driving through it again so it can feel like a bit of a slog. Thankfully, the vehicles in Rage 2 are easy to access and mowing down the gangs and mutants does make the drive a little more entertaining.

The Icarus is particularly useful thanks to being an airborne vehicle that can simply soar from place to place. Being able to directly go from one gang hideout to another makes things much more convenient so you can expect to find yourself flying a lot as a result. 

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