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Rage 2: How to Respec and Reset Your Nanotrites

by John Cooper

Rage 2 gives you a lot of choices to make when you are upgrading your skills. If you end up making a decision you want to change then it is nice to know how to reset your Nanotrites and respec your skills. After all, not being able to respec your skills in a game can leave you feeling like you’ve messed up your entire playthrough. Whether you’ve simply chosen one wrong upgrade or you want to start again from scratch, we can show you how to respec so you’ll never feel trapped again. 

As Walker, you unlock eight main abilities to upgrade and mess around with on top of the three main attributes you have to begin with. If you’ve decided you want to change how your skills feel or simply reallocate some of the points you’ve put in then you’re going to need to visit Doc Karl in Wellspring. This cyber doctor has an option that lets you reset your Nanotrite. 

To get to him you first need to head to Wellspring itself. Once there, head inside and to the right. This will bring you to a tunnel that goes through a few buildings, follow along to the left and you’ll eventually come to an opening on your right. If you go inside you’ll find Doc Karl. 

Not only can he reset your Nanotrites he also deals with a few other upgrades too. If you want to reset then it’ll set you back $500 so make sure you’ve got that saved up. Once you have chosen to respec, you’ll be given all of the resources you’ve invested so far and you’ll have a clean slate to work with. Unfortunately, there is no way to simply undo a single upgrade. 

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