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Rage 2: How to Find Side Quests

by John Cooper

Rage 2 has a relatively short main campaign that clocks in at around 10 hours. This is great news for those who find themselves pressed for time, but not so much for anyone who wants to dwell in the wasteland for a bit longer. You might be wondering how to find side quests in Rage 2, in which case, this guide has everything you need.


You’ll want to make your way through the side quests as often as you can in order to upgrade Walker as much as possible. You can find things like Roadblocks and Fuel Stations as you drive around the world itself, but you can actually pick up extra side quests when you are in a town.

The first chance to do this will be when you reach Gunbarrel. This is a town which houses one of the main characters you’ll need to interact with for the main mission, but it also has lots of other things that are worth checking out. Just to your left as you enter the town is a Job Board with a few notices on it, these are your side quests in Rage 2.

In order to accept them you just need to interact with the individual posts on the board. Sometimes these are wanted posters and sometimes they take the form of digital notices. No matter what though, you just need to walk up to the board and interact with the side quest or bounty you like the look of. It will then be marked on your map and you are good to go.

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