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Rage 2: How to Craft

by John Cooper

Surviving the harsh wasteland of Rage 2 is going to take more than just luck and firepower. If you’re going to make your own way in this post-apocalyptic world then you’re going to need to learn how to craft items and upgrades. Figuring this out means you will be better equipped to dealing with the onslaught of mutants the game throws at you. It also means that you’ll be able to use more of the items without worrying about them running out. So, here’s how you can unlock crafting in Rage 2. 


Before you can actually start crafting you’ll need to get ahold of some schematics. Each schematic corresponds to a different item and while your first schematic might allow you to craft the item, any further ones you grab will let you upgrade those items. You can find schematics from a lot of the vendors that can be found inside the cities like Wellspring and Gunbarrel. You can also get them from the travelling trader, so make sure to check out his wares when you get a chance. 

Once you’ve acquired some schematics you can craft the items. This is easy to do thankfully, just go into your menu, select the inventory tab, and then select the item you want to craft. You can then choose to craft the item as long as you have enough of the parts the item needs. If you need to get more of these important building blocks, it is well worth checking out some bandit bases and looting everything you can see. You can find components nearly everywhere so keep an eye out and make sure you pick up everything you see from an early stage in the game. 

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