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Race Through Time Triumph Destiny 2 Guide

by Ginny Woo

With the advent of the Sundial in Destiny 2, Guardians now have new ways to punish themselves in-game to obtain rare weapons and other worthwhile rewards. Of course, we’re also talking about triumphs. If you want to get the Race Through Time triumph in Destiny 2, you’re going to have to get pretty good at the Season of Dawn’s latest obstacle. Here are our tips and tricks. 

Race Through Time Triumph Destiny 2 Guide

As we’ve mentioned, this particular triumph from the latest season of Destiny 2 has to do with Sundial mastery. We’re talking about getting so acquainted with how this mode works that you’re going to be able to blaze through a full round of encounters in a matter of minutes. For the Race Through Time triumph, we’re talking 15 minutes exactly. Of course, this means bringing along some mates who know what they’re doing too. 

So far, we’ve managed to sus out that the criteria for achieving the Race Through Time triumph is as follows:

  • Complete a Sundial rotation in 15 minutes and under
  • Beat up on Niruul the Hollow Voice as the end boss

If you’re a relative newbie to taking down Niruul, you might want to be saving yourself the Race Through Time triumph for a little later. Maybe go make some Hackberry Tarts instead (we’ve even got the whole recipe). Also, we note that the Sundial bosses are on rotation, much like the Menagerie, which means that you’re going to have to wait until Niruul is back on the calendar to complete this. Here are some tricks that we’ve got for making quick work of Niruul:

  • He’s a real pain in the butt as he can stop players from damaging him by encasing them in shields 
  • Make quick work of shields on your teammates to lower damage downtime
  • Take care of the Psion Commanders – they’re integral to the boss’ own shield
  • Melee the Commanders to break the immunity of the boss
  • Rinse and repeat, taking out Honored Colossi when they spawn, and you should be done in no time

As long as you can take down Niruul and complete all other Sundial encounters in the week’s rotation in under 15 minutes, you’ll then be rewarded with the Race Through Time triumph in Destiny 2. Need a hand with anything else? Check out some guides that we’ve prepped for you if you’re an aspiring or returning Guardian: