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How to Purchase Destiny 2 Bunker Upgrade

by Nicholas Barth

The Seraph Bunker locations are one of the most integral parts of Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy. Players will be able to purchase upgrade bonuses for these bunkers to help arm the defenses of Rasputin and acquire some useful perks for their adventures to stop the Almighty from destroying the Tower. However, there is a unique way you can purchase an upgrade for each bunker. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to purchase a bunker upgrade covered for you.

How to Purchase Destiny 2 Bunker Upgrade

Guardians can purchase an upgrade with Warmind Bits, materials, and legendary shards. These upgrades are found in a menu section when you speak with Rasputin in the bunkers. Once you have bought one of these upgrades, you will be given a chipset that can be used to progress the level of your bunkers. 

The ability to buy upgrades will come once you have brought the Seraph Bunker in the EDZ back online. Your quest will then tell you to speak with Rasputin, who will have a free upgrade for you to purchase for this bunker and thus allow you to buy even more of these upgrades going forward. 

 Purchase Destiny 2 Bunker Upgrade

Players who can collect enough the resources and currency needed for the upgrades will be rewarded with some unique bonuses. These are sure to be of much use when it comes to stopping the Red Legion from using the Almighty to destroy the Tower in Season of the Worthy. 

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