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PUBG – How to Use Zeroing Distance

by Josh Hawkins

Much like real life, bullets in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds travel in an arc to compensate for gravity and other real-world effects. This means that players will need to aim above their target if they are looking at hitting far-off targets. Scopes make this easier by providing the ability to zero your aim, allowing you to set your scope to work for different ranges. In this article we’ll go over everything you need to know about how to use zeroing distance in PUBG, as well as what zeroing distance is.

What is Zeroing Distance?

As we stated above, bullets and other projectiles in PUBG move from one point to another as they would in real life, by following an arc. This is done to compensate for the lack of gravity in the game itself. Zeroing distance basically allows you to change how the scope sees your targets by removing the need to aim far above the target’s head and guess how far off they are. Instead, you can predict how far off they are, and then zero in your scope using the Page Up and Page Down keys to make your shots more accurate.

Simplified, zeroing distance is basically the distance that your scope will need to be at in order for it to be dead accurate. By default, most scopes in PUBG will be zeroed in at 100 meters. If you have any shots that you need to make above this default zeroing, then you can change it at any time, depending on the scope itself. It is, as we mentioned above, important to remember that zeroing is vital as bullets travel in an arc to compensate for the lack of gravity in the game.

How to Utilize Zeroing Distance

The easiest way to explain how to use zeroing distancing is to imagine that your target is situated around 50 meters out from your current position. Since most scopes default to 100 meters zeroing, you’ll need to realize that your bullets will land above the reticle marker, meaning you’ll have to aim down a little from where you’d normally need to go.

This also stands true for targets that are further away. Some scopes won’t offer zeroing, and that means that if you have a scope that doesn’t offer any zeroing, and it’s defaulted to 100 meters, then you’re going to need to aim higher if your target is somewhere like 200 meters away. This means your bullet would land below the reticle.

Guessing distances is going to be the most difficult part of learning how to utilize the zeroing distance, but once you get the hang of it, knowing you to us the zeroing system in PUBG will make your accuracy much better. Make sure you head back to our PUBG guide for more help with the game, including our guides on the best places to land on Miramar and more.

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