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PUBG – Best Places to Land in Sanhok

by Josh Hawkins

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds latest update brought the release of Sanhok, a new mini-royale map which brings the best features of PUBG to a smaller, more compact map. This gives you all the great things you love about PUBG’s bigger maps, but in a smaller area that’s easier to traverse and work within. But with the new area means you’ll need to know the best places to land in Sanhok. To help you get used to the new map, here’s are the best places to land in Sanhok so you’ve got a few spots to check out when you’re looking for somewhere to land.

Best Places to Land in Sanhok

Now, there are always going to be better spots to land—based on your playstyle—than those that you might find online. However, after spending quite a bit of time on the new map, we’ve come up with three spots that have never let us down when it comes to positioning, loot value, and overall strategic location. Your own experiences may vary, but if you’re just getting used to the map, these drop-in points offer pretty good starting points for your run to be the last person standing.

One of our main focuses in Sanhok is making sure we drop somewhere close to conflict points, but also far enough away that we have time to loot up and grab some gear before we’re forced into combat. Nine times out of ten, these locations work out well for this, and they should give you a solid line-up of starting gear to work with.

Southeast of Camp Alpha

If you look on your map, and look to the west, you’ll find one of the bigger areas in the map, Camp Alpha. These camps are massive hotspots, but dropping in near them can prove very good, as you’ll have a chance to gear up and stake out your enemies as they flee from the scene of the campsite. If you look at Camp Alpha, there is a small set of buildings to the southeast of the locale. You can drop in here to find a good assortment of loot, as well as a good vantage point over the camp as people run away from it. Just be careful as this spot is also pretty popular with others who land nearby, so they may swing by to check for loot and survivors to take out.


Located on the eastern side of the map, Lakawi is a massive harbor-like area that is rife with great loot and is set up with a great location to move out no matter where the circle lands. There are also several other instillations of buildings nearby—should you struggle to find the goods you’re looking for here—and it makes it very easy to gear up and get started, even if you’re playing in a group of two, three, or even four. You’re also pretty close to the Bhan, which is a conflict hotspot in rounds focused around the eastern edge of the map. Just be careful if the plane flies too closely to Lakawi, as it can be popular during some matches.

Southeast of Sahmee

Sahmee is one of the bigger village areas in Sanhok and landing anywhere near these can be dangerous. However, this small unnamed set of buildings and dockwork near Sahmee has proven to be a fantastic starting point for us several times throughout our time in Sanhok. There’s a lot of room for loot to be found here, including several things out on the various dock pieces. Make sure you check everywhere—and keep an eye on the horizon—and then head north, skirting along the edge of Sahmee until you spot any enemies in your way.

As we stated above, everybody is going to find places that they’d rather land than others, and our favorite spots might not fit your playstyle all that well—especially if you’re into the intense combat that comes from dropping straight into hotzones. Either way, these three areas have a lot to offer you as a player and are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for some of the best places to land in PUBG’s Sanhok map. You can return to our PUBG guide for more help and information.


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