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PS Plus August Games Guide: Free PlayStation Titles Out Now

by Ginny Woo

Been keeping an eye out on what free games your Playstation Plus subscription offers you for the month? If not, you’re in luck: our handy PS Plus August games guide will give you the rundown so you can nab a nifty title this month. While the PlayStation store’s current subscriber offerings are from vastly different genres, we’re sure there’s something there for all PlayStation 4 owners to love.  

PS Plus August Games Guide — Wipeout Omega Collection

The first of the two PS Plus games available this in August is the Wipeout Omega Collection. This is a repackage of a number of titles: Wipeout HD, its Fury expansion, and Wipeout 2048. For those who are new to the series, the Wipeout games are racing games with a sci-fi twist: anti-gravity vehicles. There’s plenty there to suit PS Plus subscribers with a need for speed, and there’s also the ability to hook a mate up with multiplayer and/or PS VR if you’re wanting something a little more intense. 

PS Plus August Games Guide — Sniper Elite 4

Not particularly enraptured by the thought of piloting a futuristic ship around a racecourse? It doesn’t matter; there are other ways to get your heart racing in this month’s PS Plus lineup. Enter Sniper Elite 4, a title takes the series back to 1940s Europe where you’ll have to rely on more than just your excellent firearm skills. Sniper Elite 4 throws the book at you and then some, introducing a number of bits and pieces to keep track of as you eliminate targets across the Italian landscape via a mix of stealth and action. Much like Wipeout Omega, this game also has multiplayer features, so you can either team up with a mate to take down enemies or go head to head to see who’s the quicker (and more accurate) long-range draw. 

The PS Plus games available this month were definitely popular on release, so subscribers should feel far from shafted by August’s selection. Whether you’re a racing fiend or just someone with an appreciation for the art of assassination, you’ll be well-served by picking up one of the two titles and giving it a fair go. Keep an eye out for the games poking their heads around the corner next month; we’ll have the scoop!


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