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Princess Tarantella Borderlands 3 Guide: Location and Loot

by Ginny Woo

Cracking into Rare Spawn Week in Borderlands 3 is quite the experience. If you’re looking to pick up some sort of Legendary accoutrement to your gear, or to just enjoy the challenge of taking down a fire-breathing dragon multiple times in a row, then you’re going to want to get your Vault Hunter ass in gear. Check out our Princess Tarantella Borderlands 3 guide for tips on where to find this boss and why she might be worth the farm.

Princess Tarantella Borderlands 3 Guide: Location and Loot

If you’re wondering whether Princess Tarantella is going to put up a fight, then the answer is definitely yes. She’s a huge spider who spends most of her time messing around in The Splinterlands. As part of the Rare Spawn Week event that’s celebrating Borderlands’ ten-year anniversary, Princess Tarantella is on the cards to drop a Legendary rocket launcher called Hive.

Hive is a Torque Legendary rocket launcher which has an increased chance to drop from this spidery foe from 8 October to 15 October. If you’re wondering why Hive might be desirable to pick up if you’re in the habit of collecting weapons, look no further than its special weapon effect called “Full of bees” – the weapon fires a huge hive projectile which then shoots out homing rockets. Everything then explodes in a shower of either Radiation or Corrosive damage, depending on the spawn of the weapon, so it’s all fine and dandy, really.

If you’re looking for the Princess Tarantella Borderlands 3 miniboss, then we’ve got you covered. You’re going to have to have completed the Blood Drive quest in the main story before you can actually get this arachnid to spawn. As we’ve mentioned, darling Tarantella is in The Splinterlands on Pandora. She roams around in the western corner of the map, in the segment just to the right of the western-most tip, and she doesn’t stay still so make sure that you’re tracking her as she’s skittering around. 

There’s nothing unusually fatal about Tarantella that you haven’t already seen before in a Borderlands boss, but the sheer size of this enemy means that the strategy we recommend for IndoTyrant probably works just as well here: yeah, stay in your vehicle and absolutely gun them to death from afar so you’re not caught up by Princess Tarantella’s gigantic claws and gnashing mandibles. Putting her down should give you the Hive if you’re lucky but if not, you can just take her on again now that you know where to find her.

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