Prey – Treasure Hunt Quest Walkthrough, Find Hidden Treasure Code

Learn how to complete the Treasure Hunt side mission and find the code to the hidden treasure.

As you explore Talos 1, you’re bound to come across some interesting things along the way. One of these things is a series of treasure maps that will ultimately lead you to a hidden box of supplies. In this article we’ll teach you how to obtain the Treasure Hunt quest in Prey, how to complete it, and how to find out what the hidden treasure code is.

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It should be noted that while you can simply pop in the code at the treasure box, doing so without completing the other steps of the quest will trigger a debuff, which reduces your crawl speed, flashlight battery, and recycling yield. Because of this, be sure you complete each step of the quest before continuing on.

How to Obtain The Treasure Hunt Quest

This quest can be obtained quite a few ways, either by finding a Treasure Map that belongs to one of four people, or by reading an email about the treasure hunt. The easiest way to trigger the quest is to continue playing through the game until you head towards the entrance to Deep Storage, inside the Arboretum. It is here you’ll learn that Danielle Sho has locked the doors to Deep Storage with a voice lock. Loot the body in front of the door to gain access to the Crew Quarters, as well as pick up Zachary West’s Map.

How to Find Every Map

There are a total of four maps included that players must find to complete the Treasure Hunt quest. If you triggered the quest by finding Zachary’s map, then you already have his. We’ll still include a breakdown of where to find him below, in case you triggered the quest by reading the email on Danielle’s Workstation, or by finding a map on another character.

Emma Beaty’s (Rosalyn Swift) Map

You can find Emma Beaty’s Map on her person, inside the Fitness Center in the Crew Quarters. Use your Disruptor Stun Gun to knock her out, and then loot her body to get the map.

Danielle Sho’s (Melindra Shadowcorner) Map

After making the recording of Danielle’s voice and making it down to Deep Storage, head up to the second level and enter the Command Center. Once inside, interact with the nearby Workstation to find this treasure map waiting to be downloaded.

Zachary West’s (Hordinbaffle Flagdasterous) Map

You can find Zachary West’s map on his body. The easiest way to find his body is by following the main story. Travel up to the Arboretum and make your way to the entrance that leads to Deep Storage. Loot the body of Zachary West, which is just in front of the door to Deep Storage.

Elias Black’s (Captain Stabfellow) Map

You can find the final treasure map in the Recreation Room upstairs in the Crew Quarters. Head inside and look for the map on a large table with several Dungeons and Dragons pieces scattered across it.

How to Solve the Puzzle

Now that you have all of the maps, it’s time to locate the areas that they indicate.

To solve Emma’s map, head down to the first level in the Cargo Bay area and look for a large number on the wall inside the G.U.T.S Loading Bay. This number should be 5.

Next you need to head to Life Support and make your way to the Water Treatment Facility. Once here, look at the wall indicated in the treasure map to spot the number 3. This will solve Zachary’s map.

Now, make your way up to the second level of the Crew Quarters and head inside the room with the Recycler. Take a look at the wall indicated on the map, and you should spot the number 6. Finding this number will solve Elias Black’s map.

The final map that you need to solve is Danielle’s. Head into G.U.T.S from the Arboretum and make your way to the bottom of the shaft. Once you reach the tunnel near the door that leads to the Shuttle Bay Fuel Storage area, jump the broken bridge and look for the number 1 on the wall in the right-hand corner. This is the final number.

Hidden Treasure Code

Once you have found the locations indicated on all the maps, you’ll be rewarded with the code to a hidden cache of treasure. The code itself is a four digit sequence containing the numbers 1365, but remember not to enter it until after you have solved the puzzle yourself. Inside the hidden cache you will find an Adventurer’s Toolkit Fabrication plan, but it really isn’t of much use.

Now that you’ve solved the Treasure Hunt quest, be sure to head back to our Prey guide for more helpful articles like how to find the golden gun, and how to find all the Workstation passwords.

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