Prey – How to Get All Endings, Alternate Endings

Learn how to get each of the three endings in Prey.

Prey isn’t your typical first person shooter, and thanks to the various decisions and choices that players have to make, there are currently three different endings that players can unlock and obtain. Each alternate ending in Prey is drastically different, and the ending that you get will be determined greatly by the things that you do. In this article we’ll break down each ending, as well as how to get each ending in Prey, and even share some thoughts on it.

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It should be noted that this article will contain several spoilers for Prey’s main plot, so if you haven’t beaten the game yet be sure to check back later so nothing gets spoiled.

A Mind Without Limits – Ending 1

The first ending to Prey can be earned by completing the quest A Mind Without Limits. In this ending you must choose to side with Alex, and destroy the Typhon threatening Talos 1. This means you’ll need to kill January, the Operator that has been helping you for the majority of the game.

First, when you meet up with Alex he will give you the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter Fabrication Plan. This blueprint can be used to create a Nullwave device strong enough to destroy the Typhon on Talos 1. Once you have the blueprint, the station is attacked by the Apex Typhon, the largest most powerful Typhon in the universe.

At this point you can kill or spare Alex. Killing him won’t impact the quest itself, but it could change the ending credit scene that we discussed in our Prey ending explained guide.

From here, simply follow through with the mission details and after you have crafted the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter and put it into place, you must return to the bridge, where Alex and January will be arguing (unless you killed Alex, in which case only January will be there). The Operator that you’ve called friend for the past several hours has to be stopped if you want to complete this ending, so pull out a weapon and kill it.

With January down, activate the Nullwave Transmitter and destroy the Typhon. The game ends with you and everyone else you saved still alive, and the Talos 1 still in working order.

Perdition – Ending 2

The second ending happens if you side with January and decide to destroy the Talos 1 and the Typhon with it. This ending requires you to find the two arming keys. You’ll need to grab one off of Alex’s body. When the Apex Typhon attacks he’ll be rendered unconscious. Loot him and then drag him back to his bunker, where he’ll be safe. Or, you can just let him die from oxygen deprivation. It’s your choice.

With the two arming keys in hand, make your way through the rest of the self-destruct sequence. Once you start it up you have 8 minutes to escape. You can either

A: Let yourself be destroyed with the explosion, sacrificing yourself along with the knowledge of the Typhon that the Talos 1 holds.

B: Escape using Alex’s Escape Pod. It’s located on top of his office in the Arboretum.

C: Escape with the other survivors. This is the best outcome for this ending, and it requires you to make your way down to the Shuttle Bay in the Talos 1 Lobby, where you will escape aboard Dahl’s shuttle, along with several other people—if you saved them.

Abandon Ship – Ending 3

The third ending can be triggered by simply escaping through Alex’s Escape Pod at any time before the two endings above have been completed. Everyone aboard the station dies, and you don’t learn the truth about the Typhon, but it is a quick way to beat the game.

For more help be sure to head back over to our Prey game hub where we have plenty of other helpful articles like how to find the code for the Maintenance tunnel, as well as a complete list of all the safe and door passcodes.

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