Prey – How to Find the Neuromod Blueprint, Fabrication Plans

Learn how to find the blueprint for the Neuromod and create your own Neuromods.

If you want to unlock every ability in Prey, then you’re going to have to find a lot of Neuromods. Thankfully, though, like many of the other objects in the game, players can find and obtain a set of Neuromod Fabrication Plans, which will allow you to create the Neuromods directly from any Fabricator. In this article we’ll show you how to find the Neuromod Blueprints in Prey, which will let you create an unlimited amount of Neuromod upgrade items.

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How to find the Neuromod Blueprint

First off, before you dive into this guide and start looking for the Neuromod Blueprint, you’re going to need a few items.

Make sure you know how to get the Huntress Boltcaster. You’ll need this weapon to reach the blueprint, so make sure it is in your inventory before setting out. Secondly, you will also need to find the keycode for the Volunteer Quarters. You can find it in Bianca Goodwin’s workstation. For more details, be sure to check out our guide on how to find every keycode in the game.

With the Boltcaster and the Keycode in hand, make your way to the Neuromod Division, and climb up to the second floor. There are two ways you can get there. Either repair the elevator and ride it up, or use the GLOO Cannon to create stepping stones that you can climb up to reach the second floor.

Once on the second floor, locate the door to the Volunteer Quarters. Input the code that you found on Bianca Goodwin’s Workstation, and then head inside the area.

Enter the first office along the left-hand wall, and look behind the desk for a maintenance duct that you can enter. Head inside, and crawl through until you have to climb up to the next level of ducts. Use your GLOO Cannon to progress, and then continue following the duct until you reach an office at the end.

Inside this office you will find two bodies, as well as a window on the left. Break through the window using anything in the office, and then climb out. There is a Telepath Typhon nearby, so sneak around the area and be wary of any mind-controlled humans around.

Continue down the hallway until you reach a locked office door. If you look around this area you should be able to spot a ledge that you can climb onto. Jump up onto it, and then break the window. This is where the Huntress Boltcaster comes in handy.

Take note of the Manual Override button to the side of the door. You can shoot the switch with a bolt from the Huntress Boltcaster to unlock the door, allowing you to enter the office unhindered.

Head inside and look for a table on the right. The Neuromod Fabrication Plans can be found on the table. If you’re coming here because you need to renew your license, then interact with Halden Grave’s computer to complete that process.

Be sure to return to our Prey guide more helpful articles, like our complete guide on how to get Typhon Neuromod abilities.


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