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Pokken Tournament DX Tier List

by Bryan Dawson

Pokken Tournament DX will be landing on the Nintendo Swicth very soon. As this is the third release of the game after the original arcade debut and the Nintendo Wii U version, many people have been asking for a Pokken Tournament tier list. While we’re not here to tell you which character is better than another character, we have listened to the community and will relay what the best players think is a fitting tier list for the current version of Pokken Tournament.

As always, when it comes to a tier list, this only factors in at the highest level of play. A novice player can beat another novice player with almost any character. Meanwhile, a Pokken Tournament pro player can probably defeat a new player no matter which character they’re using. However, when two expert players are going at it, this is when the tier list actually means something. It doesn’t mean the player with the lower tier character can’t win, it simply means they have to work harder to get the win.

Pokken Tournament DX Tier List

It should be noted that Pokken Tournament DX is a fairly balanced game. There isn’t a huge gap between the best character and the worst character. In addition, please note that characters within each tier are listed in alphabetical order. Now with all of that explanation out of the way, let’s take a quick look at how the community feels these Pokken Tournament characters stack up to one another.

S Tier

Braixen – With great rushdown, zoning and anti-zoning tools, it’s hard to place any other character in the same league as Braixen.

A Tier

Mewtwo – Great normals and strong control of the neutral game in Field and Dual Phase make Mewtwo a formidable opponent.

Sceptile – Frame traps abound couple with Sceptile’s speed and armored attacks can be very difficult to deal with.

Weavile – The hit and run style gameplay Weavile offers can be tough to face, coupled with the smaller size and how fast Weavile builds the Synergy gauge.

B Tier

Lucario – As a great all-around character, Lucario has an answer for almost every matchup. While he isn’t the best at everything, he’s at least average to above average in almost every aspect of the game.

Machamp – Machamp has great frame traps, but it can be difficult to get in with him. Patience is required if you want to win, and that makes things a bit harder for him against a lot of the other characters.

Pikachu – As a smaller character, Pikachu has some advantages. He can keep an opponent away and even apply pressure with relative ease, but you still have to work a bit to get your damage in.

Pikachu Libre – With a great ability to corner opponents in enhanced mode, Pikachu Libre can unleash high power attacks, but doesn’t quite stack up to the higher tier characters.

C Tier

Blaziken – Offensive pressure is the name of the game with Blaziken, but one slip up could spell disaster.

Garchomp – You can hit really hard with Garchomp, but that’s only if you can get in on an opponent, which is easier said than done with this character.

Suicune – If you want to win with Suicune you need to make hard reads and guess what your opponent will do next. Guess right and you win the match. Guess wrong and you’re going to feel some pain.

D Tier

Charizard – If you can get around Charizard’s slow speed, you can use a very damaging throw to really put a dent in your opponent. The problem is the speed.

Shadow Mewtwo – Most of Shadow Mewtwo’s best attacks take away health, which is never a good thing. With great attacks available, end the match quickly or you’ll end up losing to yourself.

F Tier

Chandelure – Great ranged attacks and abilities make Chandelure hard to deal with, but as soon as an opponent gets in, it’s basically over.

Gardevoir – As another ranged powerhouse, Gardevoir works very well from a distance, but as soon as any opponent gets inside there will be huge problems.

Gengar – Great corner pressure isn’t enough to make Gengar any easier to play. You absolutely have to bait an opponent into a situation they don’t want to be in, then capitalize on their mistakes. Against the best players in the world, that’s asking a lot.

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