Pokemon Unite Talonflame Moveset and How to Play

How to play Talonflame in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite, the brand-new Pokemon MOBA launched on Nintendo Switch today and many Pokemon fans might be new to the genre. A game all about controlling lanes and battling for map control. Each Pokemon plays drastically different fills specific roles for the team. Here’s how to play Talonflame and the Pokemon’s moveset in Pokemon Unite.

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Pokemon Unite Talonflame Moveset and How to Play

First up, Talonflame is a melee fighter, which means you’re going to have to get up close and personal when fighting. Luckily, Talonflame also has maxed out mobility making it easy to get in close or retreat from fights with its increased speed.

Moveset & How To Play

Talonflame will start each match as its base form Fletchling and have the move Acrobatics from the start.

Acrobatics: Has the USer fly toward the designated area and attack multiple times. Allows the user to escape in a direction of its choice after using this move.

After leveling up once in the match by defeating enemies or wild Pokemon it will gain the move, Peck.

Peck: Has the user fly toward an opposing pokemon and attack three times

Once you begin to level up more you’ll unlock more powerful moves, but you’ll have to make a choice between a few different ones.

Upon reaching level 5, Peck will be upgraded to either Flame Charge or Aerial Ace depending on which one you choose by hitting either left or right on the D-Pad during a match.

Flame Charge: Has the user fly in the designated direction while cloaked in flame, attacking opposing Pokemon in its path. Also increases the user’s movement for speed for a short time.

Aerial Ace: Has the user fly at the designated opposing Pokemon, dealing damage. Also makes the user’s next basic attack a boosted attack.

Both of these are excellent choices and really depends on if you want increased movement speed or attack power. In most cases having the extra movement speed really helps Talonflame shine as it can get almost anywhere on the map in a pinch if your team needs help.

At level 7 you’ll have to make another choice as Acrobatics can be upgraded to either Fly or Brave Bird. Fly is a super useful move and I recommend it over Brave Bird since it really helps get the drop on your opponents.

Fly: Has the user fly up into the sky. If used again, has the user dive to the designated area and attack, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect. Also makes the user’s next basic attack a boosted attack.

Brave Bird: Has the suer dive to the designated location while cloaked in flame, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect. Also deals recoil damage to the user when it hits.

Brave Bird is a much riskier move that I don’t recommend unless you have a very specific use case for it.

Every Pokemon has an ultimate move known as a Unite move. Talonflame’s Unite move is Flame Sweep.

Flame Sweep: Has the user perform an aerial somersault before charging forward, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in this move’s path, and shoving them. 

This move is great for breaking up a team fight and trying to isolate one or two pokemon you know you can take out. 

Talonflame is an excellent choice if you want to have a hand in everything going on around the map. Its speed is unrivaled in the game and can get in and out of situations in a pinch.

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