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Pokemon Sword and Shield Rivals – Who Are They?

by Nicholas Barth

There are certain aspects of the Pokemon franchise that are present in every one of its games. One of these aspects is the appearance of a rival who players must face off against numerous times and is also looking to achieve the same goal as you. Pokemon Sword and Shield will be no different in this regard with players having two rivals they must contend with in their adventures. The two Sword and Shield rivals players will face off against were revealed to be Bede and Marnie in a video posted to the franchise’s YouTube page on Wednesday, August 7th. While there is still much to learn about your rivals in Pokemon Sword and Shield, we have collected all of the currently known information about these two particular characters together for you. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Rivals


There is not much known about Bede when it comes to the two rivals you will be going up against in the next generation of games in the high-profile entertainment franchise. However, from the reveal video for the character, it looks as though Bede will have somewhat of smug attitude and will likely think he is a much better trainer than you. You will then probably have to defeat Bede a few times before he shows you any respect as a Pokemon Sword and Shield trainer. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Rivals Bede


In the same manner, like Bede, there is not a great deal of information regarding Marnie. We do know Marnie will have a rabid fan base called Team Yell who will likely do everything in their power to make sure Marnie is always beating you. Having a wild fanbase suggests Marnie is somewhat of a celebrity in the Galar region of Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Rivals Marnie

We will continue to update this article with any new information regarding your Pokemon Sword and Shield rivals of Bede and Marnie when it is officially revealed. It remains to be seen if Nintendo will give the community a more in-depth look into your rivals of Bede and Marnie leading up to the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield or if players will have to wait until they dive in to find out more about their two rivals. 

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