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Pokemon Sword and Shield Nursery Locations

by Nicholas Barth

There are plenty of new elements that the titles of Sword and Shield have brought to the Pokemon video game series. However, the importance of breeding at nursery locations remains an integral part of the latest generation’s experience. Players who know these nursery locations will be able to craft their teams without having to go searching out in the wild. Fortunately, we have the nursery locations covered for you. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Nursery Locations

Trainers will find that there are two nursery locations in the Galar Region. One of these is located along Route 5. The second one can then be found in the Bridge Field of the Wild Area. After you have discovered one of these two helpful locations, all that you need to do is leave behind a male and female of a particular species. You can then come back later and check to see if there is a lovable egg waiting for you when you return. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Nursery Locations

Breeding is an excellent way of stacking the roster of your team in an efficient and timely manner. This efficiency is why players will be wise to take full advantage of the two breeding areas that are available for them to use in the Galar Region throughout their adventures. 

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