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Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Forms List

by Nicholas Barth

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be the first main generation games of the high-profile franchise to call the Nintendo Switch home. These two new titles will see players visit the Galar Region to embark on another exciting adventure to catch a whole host of new Pokemon. However, Sword and Shield will also be providing a twist on various old Pokemon with new Galarian Forms for them. The first of these Sword and Shield Galarain Forms were shown off in a video posted to the franchise’s YouTube channel on Wednesday, August 7th. There are sure to be plenty more Sword, and Shield Galarian Forms revealed in the future, but we have all of the currently known ones covered for you below. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Forms

As with past entries in the franchise, the region-specific form for a game will see Pokemon change their appearance in unique and entertaining ways. I mean, look at the Wheezing below. It doesn’t get much better than having a mustache and top hat-wearing Pokemon on your team when you are on your adventure. The Sword and Shield Galarian Forms will also provide changes to the abilities and types of the creatures who are able to utilize this new kind of Galarian form. 


Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Forms


Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Forms


Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Forms

We will continue to update this article with more Galarian Forms when Nintendo officially reveals them. It remains to be seen if Nintendo will unveil more of these types of creatures ahead of the two games’ release or if players will have to wait until they can dive into the full experiences of the two highly anticipated games before finding out which other creatures received a region-specific form. 

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