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Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Darumaka Guide

by Nicholas Barth

The new entries of Sword and Shield have brought a whole plethora of new Pokemon to the legendary franchise. Many of these new characters are a result of creatures gaining a new Galarian form thanks to the new Galar Region. One of these particular characters who have gotten this new form is Darumaka. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about Galarian Darumaka covered for you!

Galarian Darumaka

Unfortunately for Pokemon Shield players, Galarian Darumaka is an exclusive creature to Sword and cannot be caught in other latest entry in the legendary video game series. This means you will either have to play Sword or be a Shield player and trade someone for this specific Pokemon. 

This Pokemon is an ice type, which makes it weak towards Fighting, Rock, Steel, and Fire-types. 

Players can find this Pokemon Sword character on Route 8. 

Galarian Darumaka

According to the official Pokedex description of this creature, “It lived in snowy areas for so long that its fire sac cooled off and atrophied. It now has an organ that generates cold instead.” A common theme of the Galarian forms that Darumaka takes after is that the environment resulted in these characters developing characteristics that would help them survive. 

Galarian Darumaka can evolve into the Galar Region’s version of Darmanitan. However, trainers will need an ice stone for this evolution to be successful. 

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