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Pokemon Sword and Shield Differences Guide

by Nicholas Barth

Each generation of Pokemon games contains two titles that are majorly similar in their aspects. However, there are significant differences that separate the two games in various ways. These differences are ever-present in the new titles of Sword and Shield. Fortunately, we have all of the differences that you will find in the two games covered for you so that you can decide which one you would like to add to your collection. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Differences

One of the most significant differences in the exclusive legendary creature that players can capture in each game. Zacian can only be found in Sword, while Zamazenta can only be obtained through playing the new story in Shield. 

Two exclusive gym leaders can only be found in each game. Those who are playing through Pokemon Sword will face off against the two gym leaders of Bea (Gym 4) and Gordie (Gym 6). Shield trainers will instead battle against the characters of Allister (Gym 4) and Melony (Gym 6). 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Differences

One of the next differences is the Gigantamax bosses; you will battle in the Max Raid Battle Encounters for each title. From November 15th to January of 2020, Pokemon Sword players will have a higher chance of facing Gigantamax Drednaw, and Shield trainers will have a much higher chance of meeting Gigantamax Corviknight in Max Raid Battle Encounters. 

Finally, the last area of differences between the two latest games for the legendary franchise is the exclusive wild characters that can be caught in each game. Players will find that there are a variety of wild creatures that only appear in each title. Unfortunately, this means you will have to play both games if you wish to experience the thrill of catching them all. 

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