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Pokemon Sword and Shield Curry Recipes

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been busy battling in Pokemon Sword and Shield, maybe you should give yourself a bit of a break and kick back at your campsite. There’s a whole lot that you can do with your team, including playing Fetch, shaking feathers at them, and just generally mucking about. After a long day’s work, though, you probably all want a feed. Check out our guide to the Pokemon Sword and Shield curry recipes that you can make at your campsite.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Curry Recipes

Cooking curry at your campsite is more than just a fun activity or a chance to flex your Masterchef skills. Preparing and eating curry with your team will give them EXP boosts, restore health, and also increase your Pokemon’s rapport with you, though the degree to which these increases affect them is based on how good of a cook you are. 

You’re going to be able to buy staples for your recipes off wandering salesmen, but you can make different types of curries with certain key ingredients. There will always be 5 standard varieties of curry no matter what key ingredient you use: these are influenced by the berries that you’ve got. The 5 types are:

  • Spicy
  • Dry
  • Sweet
  • Bitter
  • Sour

Now, here’s a list of all the types of curries that you can make, along with their corresponding key ingredients. As we’ve mentioned, depending on the berries, your curry will be one of the types below and either spicy, dry, sweet, bitter, or sour. 

  • Regular Curry
  • Sausage Curry (Sausages)
  • Juicy Curry (Bob’s Food Tin)
  • Rich Curry (Bach’s Food Tin)
  • Bean Medley Curry (Tin of Beans)
  • Toast Curry (Bread)
  • Pasta Curry (Pasta)
  • Mushroom Medley Curry (Mixed Mushrooms)
  • Smoked-tail Curry (Smoked-poke Tail)
  • Leek Curry (Large Leek)
  • Apple Curry (Fancy Apple)
  • Bone Curry (Brittle Bones)
  • Plenty-of-Potato Curry (Pack of Potatoes)
  • Herb Medley Curry (Pungent Root)
  • Salad Curry (Salad Mix)
  • Fried-Food Curry (Fried Food)
  • Boiled-Egg Curry (Boiled Egg)
  • Tropical Curry (Fruit Bunch)
  • Cheese-Covered Curry (Moomoo Cheese)
  • Seasoned Curry (Spice Mix)
  • Whipped-Cream Curry (Fresh Cream)
  • Decorative Curry (Packaged Curry)
  • Coconut Curry (Coconut Milk)
  • Instant Noodle Curry (Instant Noodles)
  • Burger-Steak Curry (Precooked Burger)

Now that you’ve got our list of the types of Pokemon Sword and Shield curry recipes that you can make at your campsite, all that’s really left is for you to put on that apron and to start cooking. Need a hand with anything else in Galar? Check out these guides that we’ve put together for you:

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