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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Cascarrafa Gym Test Kofu’s Wallet Guide

Going, going, sold!

by Jesse Vitelli

To finish the Victory Road treasure hunt, you’ll need to defeat eight Gym Leaders in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Every Gym Leader has a test you must endure if you hope to battle them and obtain their Gym Badge. Here is how to complete the Cascarrafa Gym Test. You’ll need to give Kofu their wallet back.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Cascarrafa Gym Test Kofu’s Wallet Guide

When you arrive at the Cascarrafa Gym, the Gym Leader Kofu will immediately run outside and leave. Their staffer will ask you to bring your wallet to them all the way in Porto Marinada, which is on the other side of the Asado Desert.

Once you arrive, you’ll need to walk up to Kofu, at which point you’ll be challenged to a trainer battle by their apprentice. The trainer will have a level 28 Floatzel and a level 27 Clauncher. Any Electric or Grass Pokemon will make short work of them.

Bidding War

After defeating Kofu, they will ask you to participate in an auction for some seaweed. The Gym Test will then begin in full. You’ll need to offer varying amounts of money to purchase the seaweed at the lowest price possible.

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Kofu will give you 50,000 Pokedollars to spend. If you keep choosing the lowest number option from the choices during the auction, you will get the food for 45,000 Pokedollars, and Kofu will let you keep the rest.

Once this is complete, Kofu will accept your Gym battle back at Cascarrafa. So head back there and be prepared for the Water Gym.

That’s everything you need to know about the Cascarrafa Gym Test. For more tips, tricks, and guides for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, be sure to read Prima Games. We have everything to help you on your Pokemon journey. If you’re unsure where to go next, we have a helpful walkthrough.