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Pokemon Quest Multi-Sockets

by Bryan Dawson

In rare instances you may find Pokemon in Pokemon Quest that have multi-sockets. Multi-sockets in Pokemon Quest simply means that the Pokemon in question has stone slots that take both HP and ATK stones. This gives you a lot more freedom and helps you create more powerful Pokemon. While it’s rare, there are still ways you can increase your chances of getting multi-socket Pokemon in Pokemon Quest, so let’s take a look at your Pokemon Quest multi-socket options.

Multi-Socket in Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest is a free game, but there plenty of items you can purchase in the shop. Some of these decorationsitems will increase the chance of having Pokemon with multi-sockets come and visit when you make food. You’ll have to spend real money on these items, but if you’re trying to get as many multi-socket Pokemon as possible, this is one of the best and easiest ways to do it. Placement of the decorations does not matter, so spread them all around your base camp where ever you’d like. Having a good-looking base camp is never a bad thing.

Decorations to Increase Multi-Socket Spawn Rate

  • Kangaskhan Swing Chair
  • Victreebel Golf Bag

If you buy the Kangaskhan Swing Chair or Victreebel Golf Bag, you’ll see an increased rate of Pokemon coming to your camp that have multi-sockets. This doesn’t guarantee every Pokemon will be multi-socket, but increasing your chances is the best you can do at the moment. Once you have one or both decorations in place, check out our cooking list to determine what food you need to make to attract the Pokemon you’re looking for.

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