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Pokemon Quest Bingo Bonus

by Bryan Dawson

There’s a lot to do in Pokemon Quest, and the game does a pretty good job of explaining the many different things you can do. However, one aspect that has gone unexplained is the Bingo Bonus in Pokemon Quest. At first players may not even notice, but once you like up three Power Stones you’ll get the first Pokemon Quest Bingo Bonus and you’ll probably be wondering what that is. In this article we’ll cover the Pokemon Quest Bingo Bonus so you know what it is and how you can make the most of it.

Pokemon Quest Bingo Bonus

When you’re looking at a Pokemon’s stats page, you’ll notice the Bingo Bonus in the middle, near the bottom of the screen. To the left of the Bingo Bonus area is where you see any Power Stones you’ve equipped your Pokemon with. As you go on expeditions and level up your Pokemon, more Power Stone slots will unlock so you can add Power Stones to your Pokemon. When you get three Power Stones of any type lined up, you’ll unlock a Bingo Bonus.

The Bingo Bonus abilities are different depending on the Pokemon you’re using, but they all will help your team grow stronger. Therefore you want to unlock as many Bingo Bonuses as you can. The only way to do this is by going on more and more expeditions, leveling up your Pokemon and adding more Power Stones so you can get them lined up.

Keep in mind you can only have 20 Power Stones in your inventory at one time. If you don’t want to be so limited, you can spend real money or PM Tickets to unlock more space. Generally you’ll get at least one Power Stone at the end of each successful expedition, with higher level expeditions offering better rewards, so make sure you build up your team so you can complete the higher level expeditions and earn better rewards.

If you’re looking for more strategies and advice, such as evolution levels, be sure to check out our Pokemon Quest game hub!

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