Pokemon GO Out to Play Event: Date and Time, Route Updates, Shiny Debuts & More

It's time to Pokemon GO Out to Play.

Pokemon GO Hisuian Growlithe
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The latest Pokemon GO event, titled Out to Play, incorporates traditional Pokemon GO event gameplay with the Routes feature. With the update to Routes and a new shiny debut, there’s no reason not to get out and make the most of everything that the Pokemon GO Out to Play event has to offer!

All Pokemon GO Out to Play Event Details

Look, it goes without saying that Hisuian Growlithe is one of the cutest things ever to exist and is worth participating in this event for.

Event Date and Time

The Pokemon GO Out to Play event will run from Wednesday, September 27, 2023, at 10:00 AM to Monday, October 2, 2023, at 8:00 PM local time

Wild Pokemon Encounters

During the event, trainers will encounter the following wild Pokemon:


Field Research Task Encounters

During the event, the following Pokemon can be encountered as Field Research Task rewards:

Hisuian Growlithe★ (Debut)
Hisuian Sneasel
Hisuian Qwilfish

Event Eggs

The following Pokemon will hatch from Eggs obtained during the event period:

PokemonEgg TypeShiny
Hisuian Growlithe2KM and 7KM

Event Bonuses

The following bonuses will be active for the duration of the event:

  • Trainers will have a higher chance of encountering Kecleon at PokeStops.
  • Trainers will earn Buddy Candy faster when on a Route.
  • Trainers will receive 3X XP for completing a Route.

Event Research

There will be both paid and free event research for trainers to partake in:

Out to Play: Timed Research

The Out to Play: Timed Research will be free for trainers to participate in and complete during the event period. This event will focus on Routes, and completing it will reward trainers with certain items, Stardust, and encounters with Hisuian Growlithe.

Tails of Adventure: Paid Time Research

The Tails of Adventure: Paid Time Research is available to trainers for $2.00 or the equivalent in their local currency.

The Tails of Adventure: Paid Time Research will reward trainers with the following.

  • Six encounters with Hisuian Growlithe.
  • Five encounters with Growlithe.
  • Two Incubators.
  • One Super Incubator.

Note: This is Timed Research, and so you must complete it before the event ends to receive all rewards.

Event Bundles and Avatar Items

During the event, trainers will have the opportunity to buy a Voyager Box from the in-app Shop. This box will contain the following items:

  • Ten Super Incubators.
  • Twelve Incubators.
  • Two Poffins.

Trainers will also have the opportunity to purchase the Ultra Hatch Box via the Pokemon GO Web Store.

The in-game shop will also have a new avatar item for trainers to buy. The Hisuian Growlithe Wig will be available for purchase for 200 PokeCoins.

PokeStop Showcases

During the Out to Play event, trainers will be able to enter PokeStop Showcases that feature both Growlithe and Hisuian Growlithe!

Updates to Routes

Niantic has announced that the following updates are now live for Routes and will be able to be enjoyed by trainers during the upcoming event:

  • Increased Route availability across the globe.
  • A lower-level requirement for Trainers to create Routes.
  • Several quality-of-life improvements, including seeing more Routes listed in the Nearby menu, directional arrows on Routes, and a running count of the Zygarde Cells you’ve collected in the Zygarde Cube details.

Niantic has also stated that the Routes feature will continue to be updated and that players can expect to see these updates in the future:

  • More Trainers will be able to create Routes.
  • Trainers will be able to find Zygarde Cells more often while exploring Routes.
  • A new notification will be available to inform Trainers when there are Routes nearby.
  • Various quality of life improvements.

That’s it! The Pokemon GO Out to Play event looks like it will be a ball of fun. With the debut of the adorable shiny Hisuian Growlithe, updates to Routes, and the many different aspects of this event, all trainers will be able to participate in something that they enjoy.

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