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Pokemon GO Orange Incense: What Does It Mean?

by Prima Games Staff

If you’re a regular Pokemon GO player, you’ve probably used incense before to attract different types of Pokemon to your location. Normally, it comes in a white container with a greenish tint, but there is also an orange incense container that players can acquire from time to time. So, what is Pokemon GO orange incense and what does it do? Well, let’s take a look!

What is Orange Incense in Pokemon GO?

In Pokemon GO, orange incense is used to draw specific types of Pokemon to your location, while green incense simply draws more Pokemon in general towards your location. Typically, orange incense will appear as part of an incense day event.

In fact, it was first introduced to the game during the Carvahna incense day event in May 2020. During the event, every hour a new Pokemon type would be more likely to appear when incense was used. To signify this limited-time change, Niantic introduced orange incense to the game so players would know that something special is going on. 

Currently, only the green and orange incense containers are in the game. However, there are some players hoping that Niantic will add in more colored incense that will be specific for certain types of Pokemon.

With this, players would be able to draw out any type of Pokemon that they’d like to their location, instead of having to wait for special events or hope the regular incense would bring the Pokemon they’d like. Of course, if a feature like this is ever added to Pokemon GO, different colored containers would likely be harder to obtain than regular incense. 

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While you’re waiting for the next Pokemon GO orange incense to appear in the game, there is plenty of stuff to be excited about. In case you haven’t heard, Pokemon GO Fest 2020 will be completely virtual this year and will take place on July 25 and 26.

Players can purchase a ticket to the event in-game and will be able to participate in both the Day 1 and Day 2 events to earn all kinds of exclusive rewards. Further, despite not having an in-person event this year, players can still order a Pokemon GO Fest 2020 t-shirt to prove they were a part of the event. 

However, if you don’t feel like participating in the festival, or simply don’t want to pay for a ticket, there are still plenty of fun things to do for free in the game and Pokemon to catch. Further, a new feature was recently added that will allow players to send and collect stickers. In the list below, we’ve included some of our recent guides that will explain how to catch some specific Pokemon.

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