The infamous organization of Team Rocket has officially invaded the world of Pokemon GO. Players now can battle Team Rocket Leaders and earn shiny shadow creatures. However, it is not very easy to find these Team Rocket Leaders. Players will have to craft a Rocket Radar using items known as mysterious components to pinpoint the location of these enemies. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about when it comes to these mysterious components covered for you.

Pokemon GO Mysterious Components

Players can collect these items by defeating Team Rocket Grunts. Once a Team Rocket Grunt is defeated, you will have a chance to obtain one of the mysterious components. At the time of this writing, only players in London, Australia, San Francisco, Atlanta, or Austin. However, more areas of the world will be gaining access to collect these objects going forward. It is also not guaranteed you will get one of these items when you defeat a Team Rocket Grunt. 

Pokemon GO Mysterious Components

You will need to secure six mysterious components to build the Rocket Radar. This Rocket Radar will then show you Pokestops that have been taken over by a Team Rocket Leader. This takeover is indicated by a large red R hovering above the Pokestop on the map. Individuals who have built a Rocket Radar will not be able to gain any new mysterious components, as you can only have one radar at a time. 

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