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Pokemon Go – Moltres Weakness and Strength

by Bryan Dawson

A couple of Legendary Pokemon have been available as raid bosses in Pokemon Go for a little while now. To shake things up, Niantic has now added Moltres as a raid boss in Pokemon Go. This article covers Moltres weakness in Pokemon Go, as well as some of the best Pokemon that you can use against Moltres. With the knowledge of Moltres weakness you will be well equipped to perform well during a raid.

If you’ve been living under a rock without access to Pokemon Go, we already delved into some of the misconceptions with the Legendary Raids, as well as looked at how to take out Articuno and Lugia, as well as the moves you should be using for both Articuno and Lugia. Read up if you’re not already versed, then check out some Pokemon to use against Moltres and continue below for information on Moltres’ weakness in Pokemon Go.

Moltres Weakness and Strength

Moltres is a Fire and Flying type Pokemon with a raid boss CP of 41,953 and a Max Capture CP of 3,272. To counter Moltres, ideally you want to use Rock, Electric or Water type Pokemon. Make sure you look at the Pokemon you have available before you head into a Moltres raid. Golem is ideal if you have it because it can take advantage of the huge damage coming from Rock Throw and Stone Edge to exploit Moltres’ weakness to Rock.

Using Stone Edge from Tyranitar can also take advantage of Rock type damage, while Vaporeon with Water Gun and Hydro Pump or Gyarados with Hydro Pump can also deal a considerable amount of damage to Moltres. Omastar, another Rock type, and Feraligatr (a Water type) also work very well against Moltres.

Weak Against Damage Factor
Rock 1.96x
Electric 1.4x
Water 1.4x
Strong Against Damage Factor
Bug 0.51x
Grass 0.51x
Fairy 0.71x
Steel 0.71x
Fighting 0.71x

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Bryan Dawson

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