With Moltres now becoming a raid boss in Pokemon Go a lot of people have been looking for Moltres counters. This article covers Moltres counters in Pokemon Go so that you know some of the best Pokemon to use against Moltres in Legendary Raids. Knowing the Moltres counters in Pokemon Go will allow you to inflict considerably more damage during raids so you can hopefully snag one of your own.

Moltres isn’t the first Legendary Pokemon to become a raid boss in Pokemon Go If you’ve missed the last two, we’ve got you covered there as well with how to take out Articuno and Lugia, in addition to the moves you should be going with for Articuno and Lugia. We’ve also had a chance to take a look at Moltres’ weakness in case you need that information as well.

Moltres Counters

As a Fire and Flying type Pokemon, Moltres has a raid boss CP of 41,953 and a Max Capture CP of 3,272. Pokemon counters for Moltres are Rock, Electric or Water types. Golem is your best bet because of Rock Throw and Stone Edge, but you can also inflict a lot of damage with Stone Edge from Tyranitar as well as Rock Throw and Rock Slide from Omastar. Meanwhile, Vaporeon or Feraligatr (both using Water Gun and Hydro Pump), or Gyarados (with Hydro Pump) are great Water type Pokemon to use.

Pokemon Type Quick Move Charge Move
Feraligatr Water Water Gun Hydro Pump
Golem Rock / Ground Rock Throw Stone Edge
Gyarados Water / Flying Dragon Tail Hydro Pump
Omastar Rock / Water Rock Throw Rock Slide
Tyranitar Rock / Dark Bite Stone Edge
Vaporeon Water Water Gun Hydro Pump


Weak Against Damage Increase
Rock 1.96x
Electric 1.4x
Water 1.4x

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