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Pokemon Go Moltres – Best Moveset

by Bryan Dawson

Niantic has been rolling out new Legendary Raids in Pokemon Go over the last couple of weeks. The most recent addition was Moltres, but as Pokemon Go trainers are starting to take Moltres down, they’re also wondering what Moltres best moveset is. This article covers the best moveset for Moltres in Pokemon Go, so you know the best attack pair to use when attacking gyms and battling other Pokemon. You can’t use any Legendary Pokemon to defend gyms, but that’s understandable.

If you haven’t taken down Moltres just yet, be sure to check out which Pokemon to use against Moltres, as well as more information on your option in the legendary raid. We’ve also covered the ideal moves for Articuno, as well as the other Legendary, Lugia. Be sure to keep an eye on Prima Games as we continue to cover the Legendary Pokemon as they are released as raid bosses.

Moltres Best Moveset

  • Fire Spin and Overheat

There’s a pretty big difference in the amount of damage Moltres’ attacks inflict. Because of this there’s only one combination you should be going with. Fire Spin should be your Fast Move, while Overheat should be your Charge Move. Going with this combination will give you maximum damage output as you’re taking down gyms and performing other activities. However, if you’d like to try your own combinations, we’ve got all of Moltres’ attacks in the table below.

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Fire Spin Fire 14 12.7 15.9
Fire Blast Fire 140 33.3 41.7
Heat Wave Fire 95 31.7 39.6
Overheat Fire 160 40.0 50.0

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