Each new month brings a variety of new things for Pokemon GO players to experience. May 2020 will be no different with Trainers having the opportunity to take advantage of a new Research Breakthrough encounter. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the new Research Breakthrough encounter for May 2020 in Pokemon GO covered for you.

Pokemon GO May 2020 Research Breakthrough Encounter

Players will find that the electric character known as Shinx will be the Research Breakthrough encounter for the fan-favorite mobile game beginning at 1 PM PDT on Friday, May 1st. Shinx will then be the focus of this particular activity for the community until a new character takes Shinx's spot beginning on Monday, June 1st at 1 PM PDT. Trainers will also see that the Shinx that they come across through the May 2020 Research Breakthrough encounter will come with bonus Shinx candies. These bonus candies will help you evolve the Shinx you catch into its evolved forms of Luxio and Luxray. There is a possibility that Trainers can get to experience having a total of three new characters when they complete the Pokemon GO May 2020 Research Breakthrough encounter. 

pokmeon go may 2020 research breakthrough encounter

Shinx arrives at the Research Breakthrough encounter for Pokemon GO in May 2020 following Alolan Exeggutor, who was at the focus of this particular activity during April. Players are sure to be excited to see that there is a new character for them to interact with and catch for the fifth of this year when previous months have sometimes seen the same character be at the center of this activity two times in a row. Unfortunately, players who did not catch Alolan Exeggutor during the April Research Breakthrough encounter in April will not be able to anymore in May 2020. 

Shinx has a max CP of 876 with an attack of 117, 64 defense, and 128 stamina. You will find that this May 2020 character is vulnerable to ground type moves, which means that players who catch Shinx this month through this activity will want to not use against any ground type characters in battles. 

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