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Pokemon GO: Latias and Latios Weekend Raid Event

by Andrew Smith

If you’re an avid Pokemon GO fan then you’re in luck, because a special Weekend Raid Event has been announced that will allow players to catch two Legendary Pokemon that haven’t been seen in a while — Latias and Latios. In this guide, we will give you a quick rundown about the Latias and Latios Weekend Raid event, including the start and end times, how to catch the Legendary Pokemon, and more!

Pokemon GO: Latias and Latios Weekend Raid Event Details

As we mentioned above, two Legendary Pokemon are flying into the hit mobile game for a very limited time. Latias and Latios will be swooping back into the game on Friday, June 12 at 8 AM until Monday, June 15 at 10 PM. These winged creatures haven’t been spotted in the game since January, so if missed out on capturing them a few months back, you’ll have another chance!

The two Legendary Pokemon will be available in five-star raids all weekend long, so you should have plenty of opportunities to catch them if you’d like. But after the Weekend Raid event, they’ll be flying off again, and there’s no telling when they’ll make a return. 

It’s worth noting that both Latias and Latios are Dragon and Psychic-type Pokemon, so you’ll want to bring another Dragon-type with you to the Raid. Further, both will be weak to Bug, Dark, Fairy, Ghost, and Ice-type attacks, so keep that in mind during the Raid. After all, it’s a five star Raid, so you’ll need to bring your best lineup of fighters.

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While you’re waiting on the event to kick-off, don’t forget to complete the Throwback Challenge Champion 2020 tasks to catch a Galarian Stunfisk and a Glaraian Meowth. Further, there was just a handful of new Galarain move sets added to the game, so you’ll probably want to check those out as well. 

If you were hoping to participate in the Pokemon GO Fest 2020 event, it was recently announced that this year’s gathering will be taking place digitally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The two-day event is currently set to take place on July 25 and 26 and is promising players a “reimagined” version of the global event. Tickets aren’t on sale yet, but be sure to keep your eye on the official Pokemon GO website for more details. 

Having trouble with Raids in Pokemon GO? Check out our video guide for some tips and tricks that should help make winning Raids a whole lot easier: 

While you’re waiting for the Pokemon GO Latias and Latios Weekend Raid event to kick-off, there are plenty of other creatures that need to be caught! In the list below, you’ll find links to some of our capture guides.

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