Pokemon GO Jessie and James – Where to Find

Jessie and James have arrived in Pokemon GO to help out Team GO Rocket. Here's how to find them and defeat them.

The Pokemon GO balloon event is well underway in the game and it looks like Team GO Rocket just got a little more help in the form of Jessie and James. These two trouble makers are now appearing in the game and seem to be helping Team GO Rocket create more Shadow Pokemon and cause even more mischief. It’ll be up to you and other trainers to find Jessie and James’ location in Pokemon GO and put a stop to them.

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Where to Find Jessie and James in Pokemon GO

Players can find Jessie and James in Pokemon GO floating around in their giant Meowth balloon. Once you’ve spotted them, simply tap on the balloon and you’ll be able to fight Jessie and James in back to back battles. Players who defeat the trouble makers will get 500 Star Dust and two Rocket Radar Components and will have the chance to capture a shiny Ekans (Jessie) and Koffing (James).

During the Jessie fight, players will encounter Ekans, Scyther, and Bagon, and during the James fight, players will encounter Koffing, Sneasel, and Beldum. The fight itself shouldn’t be too difficult and as long as you have some decent Pokemon in your lineup, you’ll be good to go. It doesn’t seem that Jessie and James will be hanging around Pokemon GO for too long, so if you’d like to fight them, you’d better do it sooner rather than later. 

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Further, it seems the Team GO Rocket balloons are appearing in six-hour intervals, meaning players can only encounter a max of four a day. So if you’ve fought a balloon recently, you’ll have to wait for the clock to reset to fight another. The schedule is pretty simple, from 12 AM-6 AM local time players can defeat one balloon, and from 6 AM-12 PM they can defeat another, and so on. So for example, if you defeat a balloon at 10 AM, you’ll need to wait until after 12 PM to encounter another. So, some players might not find Jessie and James in Pokemon GO for a few hours, depending on when they defeated their last balloon. 

All that being said, there is still plenty to do in the game while you wait for Jessie and James to arrive! Specifically, preparations for Pokemon GO Fest 2020 are underway and players can now purchase tickets for the event later this July. The second set of Pokemon GO Fest 2020 weekly challenges is set to kick off on July 10 and will last until July 15. Be sure to check out the full schedule leading up to the Day 1 and Day 2 Pokemon GO Fest 2020 events.

If you don’t feel like participating in this year’s celebration, there are still plenty of Pokemon that need to be caught. In the links below, you’ll find some of our recent guides that should help you out.

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