Pokemon GO: How to Use Origin Palkia and Dialga’s Adventure Effects

Effectively a game changer.

Pokemon GO Origin Forme Dialga
Image via Pokemon GO Live

The release of Origin Forme Palkia and Dialga in Pokemon GO coincides with the introduction of Adventure Effects. Niantic is shaking up the game with a new mechanic that allows certain Pokemon moves to manipulate actual gameplay, and here is how to do it.

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How Adventure Effects Work in Pokemon GO

Adventure Effects allow for a Pokemon’s move to impact gameplay outside of battle. The first two Pokemon that use this mechanic are Origin Forme Dialga and Palkia. Trainers will need to make sure that they have obtained one of the above Pokemon from a Raid that also knows the signature move necessary to perform the Adventure Effect. Not every Pokemon will necessarily have the Signature Move, and so a few Raids may have to be participated in.

When you have obtained, in this case, either Origin Forme Dialga with Roar of Time or Origin Forme Palkia with Spacial Rend, you are almost there. Simply scroll down on the specific Pokemon’s screen until you get to the new Adventure Effects section, and then activate it for the required cost.

Dialga with Roar of Time

Once an Origin Forme Dialga with its Signature Move has been caught, trainers can activate Roar of Time by exchanging 5000 Stardust, and 5 Dialga Candy.

Roar of Time will implement a six-minute pause on the in-game timer for the following items:

  • Lucky Eggs
  • Star Pieces
  • Daily Adventure Incense
  • Incense

Palkia with Spacial Rend

Once an Origin Forme Dialga with its Signature Move has been caught, trainers can activate Spacial Rend by exchanging 5000 Stardust, and 5 Palkia Candy.

Spacial Rend will increase the catch radius of Pokemon in-game for ten minutes.


Whichever Adventure Effect you choose, you can only have one active at a time.

Extending the Adventure Effect Countdown Timer

By going back to where you activated the Adventure Effect, you can increase its duration by continuing to trade more Stardust and Pokemon-specific Candy. Fortunately, you do not have to do this in its original increment, as you can increase it up to two hours at a time, for a total of twenty-four hours.

Adventure Effects are a great mechanical implementation to Pokemon GO, and there are plenty more potential uses besides the above for them. It is exciting to see how future Pokemon will use various moves to shake up gameplay. Until then, we have other mechanics to get involved in, such as the evolution of Annihilape.

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