Pokemon GO: How to Fix ‘Take a Snapshot of a Ghost Type’ Not Registering

A poorly worded Task? In my favorite Pokemon mobile game?

There’s nothing spookier than a bug that won’t let you finish off your tasks. But if you’re stuck on the task, ‘Take a Snapshot of a Ghost Type’ Pokemon in Pokemon GO, there is a workaround!

Here’s how to fix the ‘Take a Snapshot of a Ghost Type’ bug in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: How to Fix ‘Take a Snapshot of a Ghost Type’ Not Registering

Pokemon Trainers with a love for all things dark and dreary are undoubtedly having the time of their undead lives during this Halloween Event. But one thing might be getting you down: the task to ‘Take a Snapshot of a Ghost Type.’

 Many trainers have taken snapshots of wild Ghost Pokemon, only to find that their pictures don’t seem to count towards the task. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. Take a photo of a Ghost Pokemon you already own to complete this task.

You’ll notice that the task doesn’t specify ‘Wild’ Pokemon. But it doesn’t specify owned, either! Unfortunately, this poor communication on Niantic’s part has led to confusion over the past few years when tasks like this are added to the roster.

To take a photo of your own Pokemon, go into your Pokemon Menu. Select a Ghost Pokemon. Then, from that Pokemon’s profile, press the camera icon on the top right side of the screen.

Gengar in Pokemon Go.
Screenshots by Prima Games

Press that button, and you’ll be taken to the standard AR screen. From there, you just need to photograph your Ghost Pokemon.

With the release of 2023’s Halloween Event, you even have two new choices to choose from: Greavard and Houndstone! But if you’ve yet to stumble across them, by completing ‘Take a Snapshot of a Ghost Type’ and the rest of the Timed Research tasks, you’ll be able to encounter a Greavard of your very own! Plus some Stardust, of course.

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