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Pokemon GO: How to Invite Friends to a Raid

by Andrew Smith

Alright Trainers, it’s finally time for some great news! Niantic has announced that it is about to roll out a new feature that will finally allow players to invite their friends to a raid in Pokemon GO. If you’ve been playing for a while, you’ll know this feature has been highly requested by the community, and in the past, Niantic has promised it’s in development. Now, it seems that it is finally ready to be rolled out soon! With that, here’s how to invite friends to a raid in Pokemon GO.

How to Invite Friends to a Raid in Pokemon GO

While the feature isn’t out at the time of writing, Niantic has already explained to Trainers how the new feature is going to work — and it’s super simple. To invite a friend to a raid in Pokemon GO, follow the steps below:

  1. Join a public or private raid lobby
  2. Tap the + button on your screen
  3. Invite up to five friends to join your raid
  4. When everyone has joined in, begin the raid like normal

As you can see, the process is super simple. Your friends will find their raid invites via a push notification or within their Nerby menu. As we mentioned above, a player can invite up to five friends to join their raid, which will be especially helpful for those four and five-star raids. 

When the invite a friend feature rolls out, players will be able to utilize the remote raid pass feature, meaning they don’t actually have to be present at a raid location. However, Niantic has noted that eventually, this feature will go away, which also means that when that day comes, you won’t be able to invite a friend to a raid unless you’re physically at the raid locations.

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Niantic didn’t give any kind of indication for when this change would be happening, but our guess would be that it’ll be sometime after the COVID-19 pandemic is more stable. Additionally, developers didn’t give any indication of when the invite a friend feature would be added to the game but promised that it will be “rolling out soon.”

In the same announcement, Niantic revealed that a new feature would be coming soon that will allow players to add a sticker to a gift that they send to a friend. When the feature rolls out, players will be given a set of free stickers that can be attached to a gift before it’s sent. However, you’ll only be able to use a sticker once before you have to purchase more!

Having trouble with Raids in Pokemon GO? Check out our video guide for some tips and tricks that should help make winning Raids a whole lot easier: 

While you’re waiting for the Pokemon GO invite a friend feature to be added to the game, there are plenty of creatures that need to be caught! In the list below, you’ll find links to some of our capture guides.

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