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Pokemon GO: How to Get Elite TM

by Nicholas Barth

TMs are an essential aspect of Pokemon GO, as they allow your characters to learn powerful moves that will aid you in battles. The best kind of TM that players can acquire for their characters is of the Elite variety. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get an Elite TM covered for you. 

Pokemon GO Elite TM

Players will find that they can get an Elite TM if they are able to reach rank seven or higher in the Battle League PVP game mode for the fan-favorite mobile game. Players who are able to reach rank seven or higher in the Battle League will be awarded an Elite TM at the end of the season, where they reached the necessary rank. 

The reason why these TMs are so valuable is due to the fact that they give players the ability to choose which move their character will get instead of having to re-roll and hope that it gives your character the move you were hoping to get. This helps save players a ton of time instead of having to wait until they get the move they desire. 

Pokemon GO Elite TM

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These TMs also allow players to have their characters to learn moves from previous Raid Days and Community Days, which is not possible when it comes to regular TMs. There is no doubt that players will be happy with the power that an Elite TM will give them when it comes to having a member of their team learn a new move. 

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