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Pokemon Go – Best Tips for Catching Pokemon with Poke Balls

by Bryan Dawson

This guide covers the best tips to catch Pokemon, one of the most important aspects of Pokemon Go. We’ve all thrown Poke Ball after Poke Ball at that pesky Zubat that just won’t stay inside. While there’s no sure-fire way to guarantee a Pokemon is caught, our tips will help to improve your chances. No one wants to waste time or Poke Balls, so pay close attention and let’s get right to it.

With the most recent update to Pokemon Go, a lot of Trainers have reported that it’s now more difficult to catch Pokemon. We’ve already covered the details surrounding Poke Balls and the various enhanced versions of Poke Balls, but there are a few more tips that can help save you some frustration as you’re out catching Pokemon.

When you’re aiming your throw, try to lob the Poke Ball so it hits the Pokemon in the chest. This is the ideal target range to get the perfect throw. In addition, if the Pokemon escapes it moves back a bit. This means you need to toss the Poke Ball a little farther if you want to hit that same sweet spot.

Your chances increase if you land a Poke Ball inside the colored circle instead of throwing when the circle is small. It’s also important to get a firm grasp on the curveball technique, because as you level up the Poke Balls will begin to curve automatically, which could seriously through you off if you’re not ready for it.

Don’t waste Great Balls and other enhanced Poke Balls on rare Pokemon if you’re only catching them to do battle. Completing your Pokedex is one thing, but the more rare a Pokemon is, the harder it will be to collect Candy for it. If you can’t get enough Candy it will be difficult to evolve the Pokemon and that means it’s limited in power and not as useful in gym battles.

If you find an evolved Pokemon, think twice before attempting to catch it. While you get an XP bonus for each new Pokemon you encounter for the first time, it’s much easier to catch a Pidgey and evolve it than it is to burn through Poke Balls trying to catch a Pedgeotto. There are some exceptions, but that should be your general rule of thumb.

Stay tuned to Prima Games as we continue to offer new strategies and tips for playing Pokemon Go!

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