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Pokemon Go – Best Gym Defenders

by Bryan Dawson

With the new Pokemon Go gym update, selecting a good gym defender is extremely important. This article covers some of the best gym defenders in Pokemon Go so you can quickly and easily select Pokemon that will defend your gym. While there are a lot of Pokemon that make good gym defenders, our list of Pokemon Go gym defenders is based on which Pokemon are hardest to defeat so it’s difficult to attackers to get a leg up on you.

Best Gym Defenders

Blissey – The best aspect of Blissey is that it requires roughly double the time to defeat compared to almost any other Pokemon. There’s also the high max CP that helps out with this and the fact that it’s tough to argue the quality of Blissey’s move set.

Dragonite – Having Pokemon with high maximum CP is important when defending a gym, and Dragonite has one of the highest max CPs in the game. While there are a few counters to Dragonite, more often than not the Stab attack will not be resisted allowing Dragonite to maintain a high damage output.

Gyarados – Dragon Tail is what makes Gyarados a great gym defender. In most cases this attack goes unresisted. Couple this with a high maximum CP and it will take some time to bring down a Gyarados when matched up against most other Pokemon.

Rhydon – While not the highest CP in the game, Rhydon has a fairly high CP when compared to most other Pokemon. Rhydon does have two double weaknesses, but still manages to hold his own against a good number of Pokemon. Not the best overall, but still a quality gym defender compared to most of the Pokemon in the game.

Snorlax – Another Pokemon that will drag out battles and has a very high maximum CP. There aren’t many Pokemon who can take out Snorlax in Pokemon Go and even the ones which offer a good fight will take a considerable amount of time to bring Snorlax down.

Tyranitar – The Tyranitar hits very hard and has an extremely high maximum CP. This makes it one of the more ideal defenders in Pokemon Go. In addition, it only has a few counters and can still dish out quite a bit of damage, even in losing situations.

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