The Pokemon GO Battle League has been allowing Trainers to show off their skills in PVP competition against other players. However, it has only been in its preseason preparing the community for what is to come in Season 2. Fortunately, the official start date and time for Battle League Season 2 has been revealed, and we have this start date and time covered for you.

Pokemon GO Battle League Season 2 Start Date and Time

Season 2 will be kicking off on Friday, May 1st, 2020, at 1 PM PST. The beginning date of this second competition period for the Battle League is expected to start with the Great version of the PVP game mode, which will run for two weeks. It will then transition to the Ultra and Master versions for two weeks each. A final period will then take place where all three of the leagues will be available for Trainers to play in at the same time. 

Pokemon GO Battle League Season 2 Start Date Time

However, the start date and time information for the schedule above are currently tentative. They could change throughout the second season of the Battle League, which means that players should keep an eye out when these dates and times roll around throughout the new couple of weeks. 

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