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Pokemon Go – Articuno Weakness and Strengths

by Bryan Dawson

With the addition of Legendary Raids to Pokemon Go, many people have been wondering how to defeat Articuno. This article covers the Pokemon Go Articuno weakness types, as well as Articuno counters and what Articuno is strong against in Pokemon Go. Just follow our advice to discover if any of your Pokemon in Pokemon Go can be used as an Articuno weakness or counter and you should have an easier time defeating the Legendary Pokemon.

Before we get to the Pokemon Go Articuno weakness chart, it’s important to understand how to access a Legendary Raid. Be sure to head over to our Legendary Raid article if you’re having trouble figuring out how to get into a Legendary Raid. Don’t worry, it’s not all that difficult, but because it’s quite a challenge to defeat and capture Articuno, it’s important to know what you can use as a weakness before you burn a Raid Pass.

Articuno Weakness and Strength

Articuno is an Ice and Flying type Pokemon with a Max Capture CP of 1,676. However, Articuno Raid Boss CP is 37,603. Ideally you want to use a Rock type Pokemon against Articuno for best results. Rock Throw and Stone Edge from either Golem or Omastar would be best, but there are other options. Fire, Steel and Electric also work well against Articuno, so Flareon’s Fire Spin or Overheat and Arcanine’s Fire Fang and Fire Blast can also be beneficial against Articuno.

Weak Against Factor
Electric 1.4x
Fire 1.4x
Rock 1.96x
Steel 1.4x
Strong Against Factor
Bug 0.71x
Grass 0.71x
Ground 0.71x

Not much is known about these Legendary Pokemon just yet, but we do have some advice on how to catch Articuno. Be sure to keep an eye on our Pokemon Go game hub for more!

Bryan Dawson

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