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Pokemon Go Articuno – Best Moveset

by Bryan Dawson

By now many Pokemon Trainers have fought against Articuno in a Legendary Raid. Once he’s in your possession you may be wondering what’s the best moveset for Articuno in Pokemon Go. This article covers the best moveset of Articuno in Pokemon Go so you know what do you after you’ve nabbed Articuno from a Legendary Raid. Articuno is a powerful Pokemon and makes a great addition to any Trainer’s arsenal.

If you haven’t already versed yourself on Legendary Raids, take a look at our coverage of some misconceptions with Legendary Raids, as well as some helpful advice to take down Articuno as a Raid Boss. If you’ve already caught the other Legendary Pokemon in Raids, Lugia, you can check out it’s ideal moveset as well.

Articuno Best Moveset

  • Frost Breath and Blizzard
  • Frost Breath and Ice Beam

Your best option is to go with Frost Breath and Blizzard. However, we’ve also had great success with Frost Breath and Ice Beam (although we still favor Blizzard). These are the best combination for Articuno for Fast Moves and Charge Moves. With that said, if you’d like to experiment with some other Articuno attacks, we’ve got the full list below so you can check out all of the stats. For more strategies and advice, be sure to check out our Pokemon Go game hub!

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Frost Breath Ice 10 11.1 13.9
Blizzard Ice 130 41.9 52.4
Ice Beam Ice 90 27.3 34.1
Icy Wind Ice 60 18.2 22.7

Bryan Dawson

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