Pokemon Christmas Gift Guide For The Holiday Season (2023)

Gotta gift'em all!

There aren’t many weekends left until we find ourselves exchanging gifts with our loved ones, wearing themed sweaters, and eating leftovers for days.

Getting your hands on Pokémon products might not be hard, as it is the biggest media franchise ever. There might be Pokémon everything out there, so how do you pick a gift that will really make the other person smile? Here are some suggestions: 

Sitting Cuties 

Image via Pokémon Center

Price: $16.99 USD 

Available: Pokemon Center Website

You just can’t go wrong with these ones. The Pokémon Center announced recently that they got restocked of fan-favorite plushies right on time for the holiday season. So far we can have Sitting Cuties from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova Pokedex. Not all of the Pokemon are available, but it’s very likely that you or your friends’ favorite one is. 

Choose between 490 options.

Electronic Interactive Eevee 

Image via Amazon

Price: $19.99

Available: Amazon

If you’ve got quite the amount of experience points on you, you might remember when electronic pets were on every child’s wishlist back in the late 90s and early 00s. Well, it doesn’t have to be a thing of the past with this electronic Eevee toy! It’s got over 50 different interactions, and it’s sensitive to touch and sound—definitely a fantastic choice for the little ones. 

Pikachu Pancake Maker 

Image via Japan Trend Shop

Price: $38.00

Available: Japan Trend Shop

Do you know what would be great for breakfast the morning after Christmas? Some delicious, warm, fluffy pancakes with Pikachu’s face on them. Make the happiest time of the year even happier with Pokémon-themed food. The best part is that it’s double-sided, so there’s no mess in trying to flip the pancakes. Oh, it can cook eggs, too. 

Scarlet and Violet TCG Booster Packs 

Image via Amazon

Price: $3.99- $29.99

Available: Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon

For a more dedicated fan, a booster pack could be a great choice. Each year the Pokémon TCG gets more and more popular, so this gift idea is good for someone who’s collecting the cards, and for someone who’s just starting, too. Gen 9 is the newest generation, but probably any other booster pack would be a gift just as nice. 

Pokémon Non-slip Rug

Image via Etsy

Price: $59.00

Available: Etsy

You’ve probably stumbled across videos on the internet about how these rugs are made, it’s very satisfying, and they look ultra neat. Since they’re handmade, you could, theoretically, request any design you want, or you could also opt for one of the most popular choices. In any case, the result is a piece of art that not only looks amazing but also brings a lot of personality to a room. 

Kid’s Pikachu Bomber Jacket 

Image via Zara

Price: $45.90

Available: Zara

Are you the cool aunt/uncle/auncle in the family? Or maybe a very stylish parent? Then look at this jacket that’s going to give the youngster who’s wearing it all the vibes of a Pokémon protagonist. It’s got amazing embroidery in the front and the back, plus it’s just the right season to wear it. 

2024 Eeveelutions Monthly Planner

Image via Honeypress

Price: $13.00

Available: Honeypress

Many people’s New Year’s goals include being more organized. If you know someone who will strive for orderliness this upcoming 2024 or really likes Eeveelutions, why not gift them this planner? If the Eevees are not their thing, the seller offers a variety of cute and cool designs to please everyone’s taste. You might even get one for each member of your family. 

Pikachu Gold-plated Earrings 

Image via Rock Love Jewerly

Price: $150.00

Available: Rock Love Jewelry

If you’d like to go more for the fancy side, check out these adorable Pikachu earrings. They’re made from sterling silver and are plated in 14K gold, which makes them durable since they won’t turn green or black like other low-grade jewelry. The design makes it look like Pikachu is hanging from your ears, and the best part is that its little tail wiggles when you move. 

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