How to Play With Friends in Nioh 2

Nioh 2 players have the ability to play with friends and take on a variety of formidable threats together.

Nioh 2 allows players to travel back in time to an alternate version of Sengoku-era Japan, where they will have to face off against evil demons who are prepared to eliminate them. Fortunately, players will have the ability to play with friends to stack the odds in their favor for their battles. With this in mind, we have gathered together you need to know to play with friends in the high-profile game covered for you. 

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How to Play With Friends in Nioh 2

Individuals who would like to play with their friends will need to head to the starting point on the map and choose the Torii Gate option. This Torii Gate will give players the ability to create a custom lobby. Your friends will then be able to look up your custom lobby and join it to help you battle all of the enemies that the prequel game has to offer in its adrenaline-fueled world. 

Play Friends Nioh 2

There are no checkpoints when you are playing with others, so you will have to be very careful in how you approach fights since you will have to start all of the way over if you die. This lack of checkpoints is offset by the ability of players to resurrect in the middle of a fight when you play with others. The players share lives, however, so you do not have a great deal of them to use when you are fighting it out in this crazy world. 

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