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Play Better Defense in FIFA 16

by Prima Games Staff

EA Sports made key improvements on offense in FIFA 16, but the developers also paid attention to the defense.  If you have trouble preventing the other team from scoring goals, we’ll tell you how to shut down the opposition with these FIFA 16 defensive tips. 

In order to succeed on defense in FIFA 16, you need to understand and then utilize the jockey feature. Press and hold LT or L2 to send a defender into the jockey position. This lets the player square up to the attacker while automatically locking onto the ball should the offensive player come within range. Jockey when you don’t have a good opportunity to attempt a tackle. This will keep the action in front of your defenders and contain the other team. Your player will become more aggressive on D and increase the chance of making a great play on the ball. 

Disregard the jockey function at your own peril. Failing to use it will result in skilled players relying on their midfielders and forwards to slip by the defense. Wait for the best time to strike, then tap the B or Circle button to pull off a standing tackle and hopefully gain possession. 

Now that you presumably have the ball, read our FIFA 16 offensive tips to score more goals. Otherwise, continue with more defensive tips below.

You will also achieve success by attacking from the rear. If the other club attempts a counter attack, manually select defenders who would get back late on their own, then give them support. Trust the newly improved defense to adjust to quick moving attacks while you play from the back. Defenders will strike from different angles and annoy the offense. 

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One of FIFA 16’s coolest features is the option to recover from a botched or unwanted slide tackle; this cuts down on the number of mismatches, penalties received and messed up plays. After pressing the slide tackle button, tap it again and the defender will plant one foot in the ground and rejoin the action. 

If you’re clinging to a one-goal lead late in the game and want to up the pressure, tap left on the controller’s d-pad to adjust your club’s mentality to Defensive. You’ll benefit from improved alignment, which sends midfielders and forwards in for support while at the same time keeping good formation. You’ll see different levels of Defensive mentality, so select one that works best depending on the predicament. 

Should the offense attempt a long pass, press B or Circle on the controller to essentially shove the receiver off his or her line so you obtain the ball. Go with this to eliminate long through-balls.

If you spot a gap on the pitch or wish to send in the double team, press RB or R1 depending on the platform to call for another player to get involved.  Keep in mind this is risky because a skilled player may respond by exploiting the newly created gap on the field. You called for help, which meant having one player leave his or her position. 

Similar to offense, you must practice defense to improve in FIFA 16. Keep all of these tips in mind and you’ll quickly become a feared player.

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